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Web Site Reviewed by Professionals
Do-it-yourself website design is becoming more and more popular. With the software available these days you don't need to know HTML in order to create a great looking site. But a lot more than good looks go into a site that can stand the test of time. If you want to be sure your site is at its best, we recommend a website review.

Let's look at the elements - besides design - that make up a great site.

Copywriting - Is your copy targeted specifically to your customers? When they read it, do they know you're talking straight to them? Is your copy written to increase your chances of search engine positioning? How about your sales message? Does it come through loud and clear? A web review can answer these questions for you and give valuable recommendations for improvement.

Layout - The layout of your website is just like the layout of a department store. Everything has to be where the customer can find it quickly. If the layout of your pages isn't easy to navigate your visitors won't stick around very long. Our web review service ensures this aspect of your site is user-friendly and makes sense.

Customer-Friendly - There are several complaints almost all web surfers have. Do you know what they are? Do you know how to correct them? We do! Your website review includes an overall look at your site to be sure you offer a customer-friendly environment. You want your site to be a comfortable and safe place for visitors to come. We'll help you make sure it is!

Does this service really make a difference? It sure does!

I loved [the website review]. You did such a great job! Thank you for your prompt service and good graces. I have recommended your name to several people. I am very happy with your work!
- Grace Mossgeller, Clarence, NY, USA

You've done a wonderful job on editing my site! What you did with my order form makes it so much clearer and easier for the customer to use and everything on the Home page was perfect. Your other recommendations enhance each page. Thanks for your very thoughtful comments, you sure make some very good points. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it.
- Joann Javons, Culver City, CA, USA

Don't worry, we won't make any changes. When you ask for a website review that's just what you'll get. We offer suggestions, improvements and recommendations. If you want us to make any changes after that we'd be glad to - or you can choose to do them yourself.

Your website is your business. Why take chances? A website review is an excellent way to have professionals check over your work and make sure it is at its best!

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