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Affordable, but reliable, high-speed web hosting services!
Talk-PC offers numerous web hosting packages to suit the various needs each client seeks. There are six different choice packages to be exact. You will find that our web-hosting services are packed with features, which can accommodate even the most demanding Webmaster. You also won't find a more reliable and dependable web-hosting provider in the country! In fact, not only are our rates highly competitive, we have been known to save clients hundreds of dollars a year just by catering to their specific hosting needs. 

Talk-PC offers a large variety of features to all clients, regardless of which High Speed Web Hosting Servers at Your Service!virtual server hosting plan you choose. All features included under each plan are complimentary -- there are no hidden fees! We encourage you to look around at other web-hosting providers. While some may offer their web hosting services under $10.00 per month, by the time you add all of the features you want a la carte, their prices exceed ours. 

What do you need to know when choosing a web hosting provider? How about dependability? If your current or future web hosting provider does not have an uptime of at least 99.8%, we encourage you to take a serious look at our hosting plans.   

The type of servers used plays a very important part in reliability and can be what makes or breaks your Internet venture. The types of servers used can range from an Intel based PC, to Sun Microsystems, with all sorts of different hardware configurations. Most issues regarding stability are determined at the server level, which integrates tightly with the Operating System. If you are looking for reliability, this is one of the most important considerations: What is the server configuration? 

We at Talk-PC believe in reliability before profitability. That is why 24X7 Connectivity with Sun Microsystems Enterprise Web Servers!we place most of our clients on Sun Microsystems Enterprise 250 Webservers. Talk-PC chose the Sun Enterprise solution based on mission critical websites who also utilize the Enterprise family of servers. Amazon.com, eBay, Charles Shwab, and other Internet reliant companies continue to use and support Sun.

Each of the Enterprise 250 servers have the following specifications:

Dual Sun UltraSparc II 300MHz Processor

1,024 MB of Random Access Memory (RAM)

Dual Power Supply

RAID-5 Support

Over 90GB of data storage

With dual processors, over a Gigabyte of RAM, we can say with confidence that the web servers we use are more robust than any other hosting company today. Over $35,000 is invested into each of these servers, a true sign of commitment to reliability.

Full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!We have included a comprehensive comparison page to help give you an idea of the different packages available. Please feel free to contact us if you should have any questions about which plan would cater best for your needs. 

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