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Our web design services are one of a kind because of two reasons:

  1. We put a lot of thought into each site we design.
  2. We do not emphasize price.

Once you have experienced working with a member of our staff, you will find that we know what it takes to make your site successful. Most web designers work alone nowadays. Their work, although sometimes magnificent, lack other components needed for a successful website. I call these people "Graphic Designers". Their work belongs in a museum or an art gallery, but not on the web (unless they are publishing their portfolio).

Sites require numerous components to be added to it to be truly labeled, a "website". Your website must never end up as just another expense, like so many other things. A website should be an asset, something you own that grows in value. We truly believe that what you spend on your website must give something back for the investment of time and money you have put into it.

People on the web don't look for visually appealing websites anymore, they could care less. The Internet is an information medium, do not mistake it for anything else. Whether you are selling something, posting your resume, shopping, or just searching for your soul mate...a site's visual appeal will not keep anyone from clicking away onto another website.

Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean that we do not pay attention to things like the site's layout, color schemes, and overall design. In fact, you will see in our portfolio just how involved we get in the design process alone! We are simply stating that there is a lot more to a website than just the design itself.

This may sound kind of new to you, but what do you think about our second reason? Has anyone ever walked up to you and said, "We can do the work, but bare in mind, we are expensive! Of course not, and that is not what is behind our meaning either...not even close. We don't like to concentrate too much on price points simply because we have found that it has been a limiting factor in any decision making process.

Again, you should never think of a website as an "expense", not even as an "advertising medium". Why? When I visit a site, am I picturing a brick and mortar building or retail store? No, I am not. Most people on the Internet aren't either, so what is the point?

The point is that your website will eventually turn into a second business later on down the road (only if it is put together right). For example, if you sold some type of cleaning solution over the web...would a customer 1000 miles away care how big your manufacturing facility is? Would they care that you had 300 employees working for you? How about that you have 700 locations worldwide? None of this is important to the on-line customer. All they care about is that your website has all the necessary information they need to make that purchase from beginning to end.

This is not an "if" situation anymore when it comes to the Internet. If you plan on having a web presence, what you are essentially doing is setting up a secondary business. It doesn't matter if it is just an extension of your "real world" business. It will turn into something much more in the near future just because of the amount of people who are on the Internet everyday.

Even if you weren't interested in marketing your website to a worldwide audience, do you think that you even have a choice? Even if you did, why would you want to? Isn't that the point of being in business? More customers equals more profits?

Because of this, don't just carelessly throw a bunch of information together and send it on it's way to the web. What would be the point of doing so? A website's purpose is to serve and benefit your customers. It can play many roles in your life and/or business if you plan it right. This is why we don't like to hone in on price points. If you limit your goals right from the beginning, you may never reach them.

Be considerate when assessing the role of your website. Know that your website may need the resources your "real world" business needs. You would not believe some of the business owners I've run into on a daily basis who have a website up, are paying the monthly web hosting fees, and have not generated one new customer ever since they first started with the venture! The worst thing about this particular scenario is that, on average, these business owners have had their website up for at least a year without seeing any returns on their investment. And then they complain and swear up and down that it had just been a wasted expense right from the start!

Don't let this happen to you!  If you choose our team of professionals, we won't let this happen! We love to see our clients succeed on the Internet, that is why we are in the business. Do you want to know how we start our day, everyday? We view the traffic analysis report of each and every client to see what levels of traffic they are drawing to their website. Do we get paid for this service? No! Does it take time to do this? Yes! Then why do you think we do this? How about we just let you figure this out on your own!

Feel free to peruse our website portfolio for some examples of our client's sites. Drop us a line once you are ready, we look forward to working with you!

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