Search Engine Positioning, Optimization, and Promotion

Search Engine Positioning and Web Site Promotion
Search engine positioning, getting those top ten rankings, is still the most cost effective means of website promotion.

Everybody wants to be found on the Internet. After you built your site, you wanted to see those top 10 rankings on the big search engines. You've submitted your site to umpteen zillions of search engines, but you have no idea if you can be found anywhere. Talk about your exercises in fruHow easy is it to find your web site?stration!

With our search engine positioning services provided by Talk-PC, our main purpose is to get your site found. We concentrate on positioning your site and improving rankings on the major search engines because that's where you'll get the most traffic from. But we go beyond that. We build your site's link inventory. We register on regional and industry specific directories. And when you're ready to dive into online marketing, we'll show you how to get maximum impact with your budget. It's all part of our website promotion strategy.

Unlike most of our competitors, our program is an ongoing service, continually monitoring and re-registering you with the major search engines when necessary. We share online marketing tips, secrets and advice with you. We track your site's traffic, mining valuable data from it. We even check your site every month for dead links and dated content. Feature for feature, dollar for dollar, no one gives you more!

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