Pricing and Rates for Our Services

You will find that our rates are extremely competitive in today'sPremium Services with Affordable Rates!technologically advanced marketplace. Not only do we offer our services at reduced rates, we also back them up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee that you will be more than happy with our services.

Because most services fall into a mix of hardware and software related work, you will find that the majority of what we charge will fall into an hourly labor rate. For example: Installing Microsoft Windows 2000 on a new hard drive installation and afterwards making sure all the other hardware devices have their software drivers installed for proper operation.

Some of the services we offer however are done on our premises (i.e. Web Site Creations, Custom Databases, Domain Name Registration, etc.) and may fall under a per job basis instead of an hourly rate. Most computer and networking jobs are performed on-site. So as you can see, how rates are assessed highly depends on what is involved. Of course, as a client you will always be informed of any charges ahead of time before any work is performed as a courtesy to you.

Some of our most common rates are listed below. Please don't hesitate to contact us for an estimate.

Quick Diagnostic Check/Evaluation $19
(will be deducted from first hours labor rate if any work is needed)

Training (includes computer, Internet, and software): $39 per hour up to two people (additional hourly fee will be applied for every two people joining the training session

In-House Hourly Labor Rate (services rendered at our location) $49 per hour (minimum of an hour, 1/2 hour billed thereafter

On-Site Hourly Labor Rate (services rendered at clients location) $69 per hour (minimum of an hour, 1/2 hour billed thereafter)

Networking Related Labor Rate (Windows NT, Novell, Mas90, Peer-to-Peer, etc.)(These types of services are rendered on-site 95% of the time) $129 per hour

Service Contracts (sold in 10 hour blocks, expires after 1 year from date of purchase, same conditions as the hourly rates, fully transferable):

Computer/Software Related: $490 (Includes in-house or on-site work)

Networking Related (Windows NT, Novell, Mas90, Peer-to-Peer, etc.): $990

One-on-One Training (Includes computer, Internet, and software): $290 

Miscellaneous charges are as follows:

Priority Service: Add $25 to hourly labor rate

Trip Charge: Add $15 for every 10 miles outside of Bloomington Locale

Returned Check Charge: $25 per occurrence

Please note that phone support is also billed accordingly except that it is billed in 1/2 hour increments regardless on who initiates the service call. 

Pricing and information for our Internet services are located on our Internet Services page. Please e-mail us for any quotes or questions if you should require a specific need that doesn't fall under the services listed above. 

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