Let us help you succeed on on-line auctions like Ebay, Amazon.com, and Yahoo Auctions!

On-Line Auctions - Training for beginners, sellers, merchants, individuals, and alike!
On-Line Auctions are, in our opinion, the next best thing next to owning a virtual storefront. This new craze has hit the Internet by storm! People of all ages are getting involved in the buying and selling addiction everday and it never seems to slow down.

If you've ever visited any of the popular on-line auction sites such as Ebay, Amazon.com, Ubid, or Yahoo Auctions, you'll know exactly what we are talking about. Thousands, if not millions of transactions are conducted everyday on these sites. Lots of bargains can be bought, but at the same time, hoards of profit can be made! You can practically start a successful business on this new advertising medium with mere pocket change with very little work.

However, it has personally taken our team at least a year to master the ins and outs of conducting successful on-line auctions. It has also taken thousands of dollars and countles man hours of testing theories, ideas, products, and services. This has always been a common complaint of on-line auction "newbies" who have experienced it first-hand.

Well things have changed, if you're willing to invest the time and money to educating yourself in the beginning instead of throwing all of it away on testing. Talk-PC now offers on-line auction training sessions at your home or business, one-on-one! We will teach you everything we have learned ourselves and show you exactly how we gained an exceptional rating on Ebay and Amazon.com. See for yourself by visiting these two links below:

Our current Amazon.com feedback ratings including testimonials, click here. Our current Ebay feedback ratings complete with testimonials, click here.

So how about it? Start doing something fun, exciting, and productive with your spare time. Not to mention, some extra spending money! We have some clients who are involved in on-line auctions full-time and are making a comfortable living at it. One thing people don't know about on-line auctions is that it targets a worldwide audience. What this means is that there is no time in the year where your sales slump because of the simple fact that peoples buying habits are different all over the world. Just because business has slowed down in your local town or city, it doesn't mean that the same will happen when you are selling on Internet auctions.

Our trainers will teach you a variety of services, including:

  • How to post an effective listing.
  • How to prep up your auction presentation.
  • How to construct understandable content and descriptions.
  • How to accept credit card payments for FREE!
  • How to set fair shipping rates and also how to obtain FREE packaging materials!
  • How to avoid popular everyday auction scams.
  • What software to use in constructing and tracking your auctions.
  • Proper methods of submission and communication.
  • How to find the new products, services, or information to sell if you don't already have one.
  • How to increase your profitability each and every time you sell something!
  • And much, much, more!

If you are serious enough to delve into on-line auctioning, drop us a line and request our training services. Our proven effectiveness will surely bring you the results you want when it comes time for you to conduct your own auctions. Whether you're a beginner or and advanced auctioneer, let's talk. We work very well and enjoy helping people succeed in their goals as if it were our own. We look forward to hearing from you!

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